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Food Delivery: Woman reaches Antarctica from Singapore to deliver food, travels 30,000 KM

food delivery (Food Delivery) Many strange cases of doing keep coming to the fore. Some are seen delivering food in the rain, while some are seen on a wheelchair. Some people are so passionate and passionate about their work, that no difficulty can come in their way. He overcomes every obstacle. Now a video of one such woman has come to the fore. Who has made a world record for food delivery. In this case Singapore (Singapore) A woman living in the US traveled the distance to Antarctica to deliver food to her customer. At this time, this act of that woman has become a topic of discussion.

Contacted the delivery company

Actually, the name of this food delivery woman is Mansa Gopal. According to some media reports, this idea was in the mind of this woman long back. For this, the woman took food delivery company Food Panda. (Food Panda) contacted. After this he put his whole idea in front of the company. Then the company thought that this idea is right and work on it. He sponsored this trip of Manasa. However, doing all this work was not that easy. Which can be understood from Manasa’s video. During this delivery, Manasa was seen going through many icy, hilly, muddy and difficult roads.

30,000 kms covered

Sharing the video on her Instagram, Manasa said that she crossed 4 continents and traveled from Singapore to Antarctica to deliver food. It is said to be the world’s longest food delivery ever. Manasa showed in the video how she has traveled 30,000 kms holding a food packet in her hand. This journey started from Singapore, then Mansa reached Antarctica via Germany and Argentina. There he delivered the food to the customer who had ordered the food. With this surprising work, his name got registered in the world record.

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