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Car Offer: Bring home a car for 2 lakhs, check the list of these 5 cars here instantly

5 Best Cars Under 2 Lakhs

5 Best Cars Under 2 Lakhs

Second Hand Car: Everyone dreams of buying their own car. Traveling in your own car is a wonderful experience. If you are also thinking of buying a low budget car then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to give you information about some such cars, after which your dream of buying a car will be fulfilled in a very low budget.

The website of True Value is one of the largest website selling in . Here you will find second hand vehicles of all models of Maruti company at a very low price. Today, from this website, we have brought you a list of 5 cars whose cost is less than 2 lakhs. Yes! You heard it right Now you can get your car by spending just 2 lakh rupees. You can buy these cars by visiting www.marutisuzukitruevalue.com.

Alto 800 LXI: This is a 2017 model car. The car has a petrol engine. This train has covered 1,79,605 km. You have to take this car from Solan. Its price is only 1 lakh 90 thousand.

Alto 800 STD:This car is parked in Darjeeling for sale. This is the Petro engine car of 2019. So far this train has driven l,78,575 kms. You will get this car for Rs 2 lakh.

Alto K10 VXI: This petrol engine car is of the year 2017 model. So far this car has run 1,16,396 km. You have to go to Dhanbad to buy this car. You will get this car for just 2 lakhs.

Alto 800 LXI:You have to go to Goa to take this car. This is a 2017 model car with a petrol engine. The car has driven 1,02,108 kms. You will get this car for only 1 lakh and 20 thousand.

Alto 800 STD: This is a 2017 model car of petrol engine. The car has driven only 45,020 kms. The car is parked for sale in Shimla. You will get this car for 1 lakh 75 thousand. You will also get 1 year warranty in the car.

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