April Fool’s Day 2024: Why is April Fool’s Day celebrated, know its history and importance


April Fool’s Day 2024: Why is April Fool’s Day celebrated, know its history and importance

April Fool’s Day 2024: You played April Fool, had a lot of fun, made you angry… Everyone must have sung this song at least once in their childhood. Once again the day of April 1 has come. On this day everyone celebrates April Fool’s Day. It is a day which is full of laughter and fun. People play small pranks on their friends and family on April Fool’s Day.

There are many interesting stories of celebrating April Fool’s Day. Let us know some special things related to this day…

  • The history of April Fool’s Day dates back to when France abandoned the Julian calendar and adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1582. Many people could not understand this change. In such a situation, people who used to celebrate the New Year on April 1 according to the Julian calendar, started calling them fools i.e. fools and started making fun of them. For this reason it came to be called April Fool and this day started.
  • Some people believe that this day is linked to the ancient Roman festival ‘Hilaria’, which was celebrated on 25 March. During this festival people used to joke and fool each other.

How did it start in India?
Celebrating April Fool’s Day in India was started by the British in the 19th century. At that time India was ruled by the British and they were bringing their culture and traditions to India, April Fool’s Day was also one of them. After the advent of social media, the popularity of April Fool’s Day increased even more.

Why is it important to celebrate April Fool’s Day?

  • April Fool’s Day provides an opportunity for fun, jokes, laughter and happiness.
  • Laughing and joking with your friends and family can help you forget your worries for a short time.
  • This day gives an opportunity to show creativity.
  • This day brings people together and strengthens bonds.
  • April Fool’s Day is a way to reduce stress and take life lightly.

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