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Anand Mahindra: Anand Mahindra wants to give job to the bird, wrote this thing by sharing the photo

: wants to give job to the bird, wrote this thing by sharing the photo

: wants to give job to the bird, wrote this thing by sharing the photo

Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra (Anand Mahindra) (Social Media) But remain very active. He keeps sharing something or the other on his social media account Twitter. Sometimes they share some motivational things and sometimes they share some such things that everyone is surprised to see. Along with sharing on social media, he also replies to his fans and followers many times. That’s why the number of his followers on Twitter is in millions. Anand Mahindra has also been seen helping the needy many times on social media. Even now he has done something similar. But this time the chairman of Mahindra Group has not announced to help any human, but he has talked about hiring a bird in his company.

Now you must be thinking that how can this happen. how to hire a bird (Job) can keep. So let us explain to you what this whole matter is all about. Actually, Anand Mahindra has shared a photo on his Twitter account. In which he is talking about giving a job to a bird in his company. In this photo, this bird makes a fake path in its nest to save its babies or eggs from predators like snakes. It can also be seen in this photo that how hunters take this as the real path and then get deceived. Anand Mahindra has liked this style of bird very much.

Anand Mahindra tweeted and wrote in the caption that nature is really amazing. I think we should recruit this bird into our Corporate Risk and Corporate Strategy departments. Let us tell you that Anand Mahindra is pointing towards recruiting such people who can save their company from risk by making a policy like this bird. This bird is found in Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa in Africa. The name of this bird is Cape Penduline Tit or southern penduline tit. Also this bird belongs to Remizidae family and its scientific name is Anthoscopus minutus. Many people have liked this tweet of Anand Mahindra. He has also liked and retweeted it.

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