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The view is not less than heaven, but if you get into the water, leave the hope of survival, know the truth of Boiling river

Unique Wonder of Nature Boiling River

Unique Wonder of Nature Boiling River

Boiling Or Thermal River: Till now you must have seen many beautiful views of nature that please your mind. Must have seen the relaxing forests, mountains and rivers. But, have you ever seen the astonishing charisma of nature? Actually, there is such a river in the world, where there is no difference of any season in winter, summer or rain. The water of this river always boils. As beautiful as this river is to see, it proves equally fatal for any human or animal. You cannot enjoy the warm water of this river even in the winter season. Now the question arises that where is this miraculous river at all? This river is located in the jungles of Amazon. It is said that if someone accidentally falls in this river, then his death is almost certain. So, in today’s article, we will read important information related to this river…

Know how hot the water of this river is

A part of this river located in the Amazon forest is adjacent to Peru. This bloody river is called ‘Boiling River’. Scientists also call it Thermal River and it is known by this name all over the world. At the same time, the local tribals living in the Amazon jungle call it La Bomba. Whereas some people call this river Mayantuyaku. In ancient times this river was also called Shanaya-Timpishka, the word meaning ‘water boiled by the heat of the sun’. You will be surprised that the water of this river boils at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is such that even rice can be boiled in it very easily.

Know what is the reason behind this hot water

It is said that if any creature falls into this river, it does not survive. The water of this river remains so hot even in the cold season. The steam of its hot water is always visible around the Boiling River. Due to this steam, many times the visibility in the area reduces considerably. Because of this, unknown people who come to the area become victims of many major accidents. Despite this, some people come near the river to see this specialty of Boiling River and to see the unique view of nature.

Let us tell you that this wonder of nature was discovered by geologist Andre Roujo in the year 2011. For information, let us tell you that the nearest volcano from this river is about 700 kilometers away. Research has been done here by some scientists, in which this volcano has been described as the main reason for the hot water here. So while some have flatly denied it the main reason is me.

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