Uttarkashi Tunnel: Why 41 laborers trapped in the tunnel could not be rescued till now, how far did the rescue operation reach?


Uttarkashi Tunnel: Why 41 laborers trapped in the tunnel could not be rescued till now, how far did the rescue operation reach?

41 laborers trapped in an under construction tunnel in Uttarkashi.

41 laborers trapped in an under construction tunnel in Uttarkashi.

Uttarakhand Tunnel: It has been seven days since the rescue operation to rescue 41 laborers trapped in an under-construction tunnel in Uttarkashi. Continuous efforts are being made to get them out safely. In such a situation, many questions are running in the minds of people as to how far the rescue operation has reached and why everyone has not been evacuated yet. Apart from this, how much more time will it take?

How far did the rescue reach?

After the Uttarkashi Tunnel accident, the American auger machine was airlifted to Uttarkashi. This machine continued drilling till Friday morning, November 17, 2023. Due to which 5 pipes of 6-6 meters each with 900 mm diameter were inserted inside the debris. However, about 30 meters of excavation still remains. The workers will be thrown out only through these pipes. This process is called ‘trenchless technology’.

At the same time, a temporary hospital with 6 beds has also been prepared outside the tunnel. After evacuating the workers from the tunnel, 10 ambulances have also been deployed outside so that they can get immediate medical facilities.

How is the food being delivered?

Food is being delivered through pipeline to the workers trapped in the tunnel. In this, many things like gram are being put in the pipe for the workers to eat. Then under pressure it is being transported to the workers trapped in the tunnel.

Why is rescue taking time?

Actually, there is continuous difficulty in working with the machine in the tunnel. Due to landslide, the tunnel is filled with debris and 41 laborers are also trapped further. The stones there have become weak due to landslides. Due to this, the rescue operation is facing problems.

At the same time, another landslide occurred on Tuesday also. During this time, two other workers doing rescue were also injured. There is a problem in digging due to the weakness of the stones. In such a situation, the mission was interrupted due to a stone coming during the excavation, but with the help of diamond cutter and diamond bit machine, it was cut and further work started.

Now preparing for top and side drilling

41 laborers trapped inside the tunnel could not be taken out even for the seventh day on Saturday. At the same time, drilling with the auger machine has been stopped due to the danger of vibration and debris falling during the rescue. In such a situation, now preparations are being made for drilling from the top and sides of the tunnel.

However, till now the rescue team has not achieved any major success. It is being said that the workers trapped inside are being continuously talked to through the pipe. They are all fine.

Temple built outside the tunnel

A temple has been built at the main entrance to rescue the victims trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel. Here the priests are praying for the workers to come out safely. Now along with science, help is also being taken from God.

Such an incident happened in Thailand

Let us tell you that if such an incident happens anywhere, rescue work takes time. Earlier in 2018, a similar incident had happened in Thailand. During this time, the football team in Thailand had 12 children and one coach. After this, all the people were evacuated from the tunnel after 18 days.

Former advisor to PMO Bhaskar Khulbe reached Uttarkashi

Former PMO advisor Bhaskar Khulbe, who reached Uttarkashi Silkyara, said that efforts are being made to increase the strength of the entire area to such a level that it is completely safe for the workers to reach the rescue work we intend to do. are.

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