Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: Workers trapped in tunnel for 170 hours, rescue team working on 5 plans


Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: Workers trapped in tunnel for 170 hours, rescue team working on 5 plans

Uttarkashi Silkyara Tunnel.Uttarkashi Silkyara Tunnel.

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: It has not yet been possible to rescue the workers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel under construction in Uttarkashi. The rescue team is making every possible effort to save 41 trapped labourers. But there is no hope yet. As days progress, health concerns of the stranded workers are increasing. These workers are trapped in the tunnel since November 12. Now the PMO has taken direct command of the rescue operation.

assigned to rescue

One option each has been assigned to NHIDCL, ONGC, SJVNL, THDC and RVNL for rescue operations. Lonivi has also been kept together for help. Meanwhile, Union Road Transport and National Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari will reach Silkyara on Sunday and review the rescue operations. This decision has been taken after the attempt to build a pipe tunnel to evacuate the workers from the tunnel in Silkiara was not successful.

After the operation with the drilling machine failed, the Prime Minister’s Office took over the responsibility of the operation on Saturday. Former advisor to PM and Special Officer on State Tourism Bhaskar Khulbe, Deputy Secretary IAS Mangesh Ghildiyal along with local administrative officials and experts of NHIDCL inspected the incident site and the hill above Silkyara Tunnel. After discussing the geography of the entire incident and better rescue strategy for about three hours, it was decided to start working on five options simultaneously. More than 170 hours have passed since the workers were trapped in the Silkyara tunnel.

It will take four to five more days

Former advisor to PM Bhaskar Khulbe says that good results are expected in four to five days. If circumstances remain favourable, the campaign can be completed even before this. Good technology and equipment from the country and the world are being used in this campaign. Equipment is brought in when needed. It is expected that its time will be kept to a minimum.

Work can be done on these 5 options

A hole will be made by drilling at a safe place above the tunnel, through which the trapped laborers can be saved. An adit tunnel will be created by drilling a hole at a certain point in the rock wall outside the tunnel. The second adit tunnel will be constructed near the first adit tunnel. The work of the tunnel coming from Barkot will be progressed rapidly with safety. Through this, the tunnel prepared by Silkyara can be connected to it. Work will continue cautiously in the direction of Silkiara also. Till now 900 mm pipe has been dug up to 22 meters.

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