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Joshimath Tragedy: Earthquake occurred in Pithoragarh adjacent to Joshimath, this sinking city will also have to face these challenges

Joshimath Collapse: The hill state of Uttarakhand is going through a crisis these days. Due to the landslide in Joshimath located in Chamoli, a large number of people are forced to leave their homes. Amidst this pain of rehabilitation and displacement, the problem of the hill people seems to be increasing rather than ending. Earthquake tremors were felt in Uttarakhand this morning. The epicenter of the earthquake was in Pithoragarh, a neighboring district of Joshimath. This earthquake of 3.8 magnitude occurred at around 8.58 am today. The people affected by the collapse of Devbhoomi have become even more fearful of these tremors. Not only this, many more natural calamities are expected to occur in the coming days, which can cause huge loss to life and property.

Uttarakhand has always been a very sensitive state from the point of view of earthquakes. In the midst of all this development in Joshimath, an earthquake in the nearby district, feels like a sound of some big trouble. Geographically, the distance from Pithoragarh to Joshimath is about 319 kms. Due to the effect of earthquake waves, vibrations occur up to hundreds of kilometers. In such a situation, it is possible that the effect of earthquake coming in Pithoragarh and surrounding districts may also be felt in Joshimath. Due to the occurrence of an earthquake, even cracks occur in the earth, in such a situation, if such a situation develops in Joshimath, then some big untoward can happen.

Joshimath’s condition may be serious

The rains and heavy snowfall in the past days have added to the difficulties of Joshimath. The cracks in the houses have increased due to the snowfall. The affected people living in relief camps are facing a double whammy of severe cold. Life has become completely chaotic. According to the Meteorological Department, after January 24, there is a possibility of rain in many states of North India including Uttarakhand. If it rains, the cracks in the houses in Joshimath may increase further. Also, new homes may be affected. This is the reason why the concerned government and administration are keeping a close watch on this situation.

Snowfall can also become the cause of destruction

According to the forecast report released by the State Meteorological Department, Uttarakhand is going to receive rain and snowfall once again from January 24. Orange alert has been issued for rain and snowfall in Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Pithoragarh, Dehradun, Tehri, Rudraprayag, Bageshwar and other surrounding areas on January 24-25 in the state. Experts say that when the snow melts when the temperature rises, the water will seep into the foundation of the houses and increase the risk of building collapse. If these things of the experts are kept in mind, then it can be said that the people living in Joshimath need to be very cautious even further.

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