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Wires connected to Ayodhya’s Bahubali leader, Lawrence Bishnoi on NIA’s radar

Ayodhya’s Bahubali leader Vikas Kumar’s connection with Lawrence Bishnoi.

Ayodhya’s Bahubali leader Vikas Kumar’s connection with Lawrence Bishnoi.

A Bahubali leader from Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh is on the radar of the NIA. The gangster connection of Ayodhya’s Bahubali leader Vikas Singh has come to the fore. Investigating agencies have found Vikas Singh’s wires linked to Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang. Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has named Vikas Singh before the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Since then, the NIA has intensified its investigation.

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According to a private channel, he has Lawrence Bishnoi’s confession to the National Investigation Agency. Apart from this, it has also been revealed in the investigation of NIA that apart from the gangsters belonging to Vikas Singh Bishnoi gang, the Bahubali leader of Ayodhya also gives shelter to the gangsters of Haryana and Punjab.

Please tell that after the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala, there was a revelation. It was learned that Kapil Pandit and Satish Bishnoi, accused in the murder case, had made their hideout in Ayodhya during the 2022 assembly elections. These accused were living in Pura Bazar area of ​​Ayodhya.

Along with this, it has also been told that some pictures during the 2022 assembly elections have also come to the fore. In these pictures, Kapil Pandit is also seen along with Sachin Bishnoi, the mastermind of the Sidhu Musewala murder case and Lawrence Bishnoi’s nephew. This nephew of Lawrence Bishnoi had fled abroad after Sidhu’s murder. Many shooters belonging to the Bishnoi gang are visible in these pictures. The shooters of the Bishnoi gang were also trying to kill a big leader in Ayodhya, but they could not succeed. Since then, NIA is continuously keeping its eye on Ayodhya and Bahubali leader Vikas Singh.

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