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Viral Video: If the fruit seller did not reduce the rates, the person showered kicks and punches, the heart will be shaken after watching the video

Noida Viral Video: Many times it happens, when we go out to buy vegetables or fruits, we ask the shopkeeper to reduce the price of the goods. Some shopkeepers reduce the rates, but some do not. Now one such video is going viral on social media. In this video, two men are seen beating the fruit seller badly. The fruit seller was badly beaten up for just five rupees. This video going viral is being told of Phase-1 of Noida. This incident of beating the fruit seller has been reported on the evening of 16 January. Your heart will also tremble after watching this video.

According to media reports, the victim’s name is Ajay, who is a fruit seller. He runs his shop in Haraula Sabzi Mandi. On Monday, a customer named Amit reached his shop and asked him the price of apples. Ajay told its price at Rs 90 per kg, while Amit talked about buying apples at the rate of Rs 85 per kg. After this, an argument started between the two. The matter got so bad that Amit along with his friend started thrashing Ajay. In this viral video, you can see how those people are seen punching the victim. Many other people are present around on the road, who are seen capturing this incident in their mobile phones. At the same time, those who came to intervene are seen threatening the accused youth.

The victim has lodged a complaint in this matter in Police Station Phase-1. After this, the police identified the accused youth and arrested one of the accused. The search is on for the other accused involved in the assault. Mohd Imran has shared this video on Twitter. In the caption, he has written that how is the security system in Noida, this video shows hooliganism a few steps away from Police Station Phase-1, there is no fear of police. Thousands of people have watched the video so far.

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