VIDEO of worship in Gyanvapi surfaced: Mangala Aarti at 3:30 in the morning, offering at 12 noon, arrangement committee reached High Court


VIDEO of worship in Gyanvapi surfaced: Mangala Aarti at 3:30 in the morning, offering at 12 noon, arrangement committee reached High Court

Gyanvapi Case Updates:After getting permission for worship from Varanasi Court, daily aarti and worship has started in the basement of Vyasji of Gyanvapi. Mangala Aarti was performed at 3.30 am on Thursday. At 12 noon, offerings were made to Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi. The video of the puja recitation that took place for the first time after 31 years has surfaced. On the other hand, the Arrangement Committee has approached the High Court against the decision of the Varanasi court.

This is the time of aarti and bhog
Hindu side’s lawyer Vishnu Shankar Jain said that Mangala Aarti was performed at 3:30 am on Thursday morning in Vyas basement and Bhog was offered at 12 noon. Two aartis have been performed so far. After this, Shayan Aarti will be performed at 4 pm, 7 pm and 10:30 pm. Jain said that there will be 5 aartis every day.

Jitendra Nath Vyas said – All of us devotees are happy
Jitendra Nath Vyas, a member of the Vyas family, has received permission to perform worship in the basement. He said that we are very happy that we have got permission to resume worship there. He told that on the orders of the court, the first aarti was performed for the first time at 11 pm on Wednesday night. At the time of puja, five priests of Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust, members of the Vyas family, DM and Commissioner of Varanasi were present there.

Vyas ji's teahouse
Vyas ji’s teahouse

Hindu side filed caveat
The Anjum Intejamia Committee, which oversees the Gyanvapi Mosque, had approached the Allahabad High Court to challenge the Varanasi Court’s decision. The Hindu side has filed a caveat in the High Court demanding that the petition be heard before hearing it.

Vyas ji's teahouse
Vyas ji’s tea house

Muslim side’s lawyer Akhlaq Ahmed said that the order ignored the Advocate Commissioner report of 2022, the ASI report and the 1937 decision, which was in our favor. The Hindu side has not presented any evidence that worship took place in the basement before 1993. There is no such idol at that place.

Vyas ji's tea house
Vyas ji’s tea house

The Gyanvapi Mosque has four ‘cellars’, one of which is still in the possession of the Vyas family. The Vyas family had filed a petition saying that their lineage has been performing the puja. But the worship has been stopped since 1993. Therefore they should be allowed to enter the crypt and resume worship.

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Gyanvapi case timeline

  • The Varanasi court on Wednesday allowed Hindu devotees to offer prayers at the ‘Vyas ka Tekhana’ area inside the Gyanvapi Mosque complex.
  • The court asked the district administration to make necessary arrangements in the next seven days. The court’s decision came at 3 pm.
  • The basement was cleaned in front of administrative officials at 11 pm. After this, Aarti of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha was performed.
  • Around 9.30 pm on Wednesday night, members of the Kashi-Vishwanath Temple Trust were called and the barricades in front of the Nandi idol in front of the ‘Vazukhana’ of the mosque were removed.
  • The ASI survey revealed that the Gyanvapi Mosque was built on the remains of a Hindu temple during the reign of Aurangzeb.
  • Hindu side’s lawyer Vishnu Shankar Jain posted the daily aarti timings in the basement. He said that there will be aarti, bhog and puja recited five times every day.
  • The Anjuman Arrangements Mosque Committee on Thursday moved the Supreme Court for an urgent hearing. But the registrar asked him to appeal to the High Court first.
  • The Muslim side argues that the administration started the puja in the dark of night. Whereas there is no reason for this haste. The trial court has given one week’s time to make arrangements.

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