UP Weather Update: Change in weather, sunshine in some areas and clouds in others, know the weather condition


Up weather update: change in weather, sunshine in some areas and clouds in others, know the weather condition - news2news. In

UP Weather Update: Changes are being seen in the weather of UP throughout the day. Somewhere there was sunshine during the day and somewhere in the evening it was raining with dense clouds. A change in the weather was visible since Monday morning. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of light rain in many parts of Western UP in the next few hours.

Weather patterns are continuously changing in western UP. The sky remained cloudy since morning on Tuesday. Along with this, a drop in temperature was also recorded. Due to sunshine on Sunday, the temperature had crossed 24 degrees. But on Monday the weather changed again due to which the minimum temperature was recorded at 8.4 degrees Celsius.

Western disturbance becoming active from 16th February
The sun shines during the day but the weather becomes dry in the evening. The sky will remain cloudy on Wednesday also. Along with this, there are chances of rain in some areas. The weather is expected to remain clear from February 15. A western disturbance has been active since 16 February. Whose effect will be visible in Western UP.

It may rain in some areas
There is a possibility of rain with thunder on 14th February also. There will be rain in many areas and it may remain cloudy in some areas. Due to changing weather, people’s health has also been affected. Due to this many people are facing diseases.

impact on health
Due to strong sunlight during the day, the effect of cold has definitely reduced, but in the evening the weather becomes slightly cold. Strong and light winds blowing during the day are increasing the difference in day and night temperatures. Due to this, many people are falling prey to cough, cold and fever. Strong wind is also causing harm to eyes and skin.

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