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UP: Kanpur’s young man gave his heart to the lady doctor, slips on the cutting slip to get a glimpse, this big twist came in the story

You must have seen or heard many such unique stories of lovers in the film world. But today we are going to tell you exactly such a story, knowing which you will be surprised. This case has come to light from in . Where the patient who came for treatment at Hallet Hospital gave his heart to the junior doctor at first sight. The young man fell ill every other day in order to see the doctor.

Wherever the junior doctor was on duty, he used to arrive as a patient of the same ward to see him. When this process continued like this for 15 days, even the doctor got suspicious. He complained about this to the senior doctor. After which he was caught by the security personnel of the hospital and thrashed fiercely. Then handed him over to the police. After being caught, the young man clarified that he had gone to take the medicine, now he will not go again.

According to the information received, Tauheed, a resident of Jajmau in , was lying ill fifteen days ago, so he made a slip in the OPD of Halat and reached for treatment. During that time, the junior doctor of the Medical College was attending to the patients in the OPD. During this the junior doctor also treated it. The junior doctor has prescribed medicine for his treatment. But during this time Tauheed fell in love with a junior doctor ( lady doctor).

Then he started coming to the hospital every day on the pretext of treatment. Many times he got slips cut on OPD’s slip with different names. Then when the duty of junior doctor in OPD was not engaged, he started asking other doctors about him. When the doctors suspected that he was following her, they complained to the senior doctor. Then the next day on Saturday, when Tauhid reached the OPD room after getting the OPD slip made, the staff was already alert there. As soon as he asked about the junior doctor, the staff caught him and thrashed him.

After this, he was again handed over to the police. On the complaint of the junior doctor, the Swaroop Nagar Police () has registered an FIR against Tauheed. When the police presented Tauheed in the court, he gave his explanation there. Tauheed said that I had gone to buy medicine. The farm was made only once or twice. But now I will never go there. On the other hand, ADCP Anita Singh said that the young man used to go to the hospital on the pretext of treatment after getting a separate name sheet made and looked at the junior doctor. A case has been registered on the complaint of the junior doctor. On Sunday, the police presented him in the court. After which he has been sent to jail.

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