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UP: Despite Energy Minister’s ultimatum, strike of electricity workers continues, warns to fight all-out

Electricity workers strike continues in UP.

Electricity workers strike continues in UP.

The strike of the electricity employees in Uttar Pradesh is not taking the name of stopping. The power crisis in the state has further deepened due to the strike of the employees. After holding a meeting with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in this regard, Energy Minister AK Sharma has apprised the CM about the entire matter. Meanwhile, a case has been registered against 22 leaders of Vidyut Karmachari Sangharsh Samiti. Along with this, 6 employees have also been suspended. At the same time, the striking employees have been warned to take action under ESMA.

The Energy Minister said that action is also being taken against the contract workers. Till now the service of 1332 has been terminated, action will be taken against the rest also. No employee will be spared. He said that everyone is appealed to return to work soon keeping in view the public and the family, but despite this the ultimatum given to the employees is now over. At the same time, the workers are still on strike. Along with this, in view of the strike of the employees, the students of the engineering college are being called to work.

In this regard, Energy Minister AK Sharma said that some organizations are on strike for five days, continuous efforts are being made to talk to them. He said that the doors are open for talks. A private company is working to ensure that electricity reaches everyone’s homes in a proper manner. Along with this, many organizations are contributing keeping in view the interests of the public.

He said that the work was slightly affected due to the storm, but continuous efforts are being made. The mistake in the fitter has also been rectified so that there is no effect of the strike on the public. AK Sharma said that attempts have also been made to short circuit at some places to impress the public. Also said that some such incidents have taken place in Deoria and Azamgarh, strict action will be taken against all those people.

Minister AK Sharma said that those who cause damage to the national property will not be spared. Along with this, the unrestrained demands of the employees will not be met. Also said that the High Court has ordered everyone that the strike is against the public interest. The court also informed all the employees, yet the employees are not agreeing. Now the corporation is also being forced to take action against them.

This demand of the employees

In fact, the employees are demanding that the agreement that was made for their welfare should be improved. At the same time, the Vidyut Sangharsh Samiti says that due to the attitude of the Power Corporation, the employees are forced to go on strike. At the same time, expensive electricity is being bought from NTPC and private houses.

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