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UP Crime: Agent’s calling became the reason for his death, a person troubled by repeated calls killed such


In , , 18-year-old agent of Smart Value, Vipin, calling a young man repeatedly to invest in the company Got expensive. After receiving calls several times a day, the young man lost his temper so much that he strangled Vipin to death.

In this case, the police has arrested the accused Amit. Pappu’s son Vipin, living in Bhimpur Chakarpur village of Amla, was a student of class 11 in Subhash Inter College. Sometime back, he started working as an agent in Smart Value with the desire to earn some money along with studies.

Vipin’s father told that he had left the house on Monday morning at around nine o’clock on the arrival of some company officials. He said that when he called Vipin on Tuesday morning, he said to come in the afternoon but after that his phone got switched off. Even after a lot of searching, nothing was found of Vipin, so at around four o’clock in the evening, Pappu lodged a case of kidnapping at the police station Aonla.

The police registered an FIR and started investigation by extracting the call details of Vipin. According to Inspector Amla Rakesh Kumar Singh, Vipin last spoke to his friend Adesh, a resident of Kamaldandi village. On Wednesday, when the police interrogated Adesh, he told that Vipin had called Amit, a resident of Rudrapur Gauntia village of Aliganj, to invest in the company.

After this Amit called to meet Vipin at 11 am on Tuesday at the tomb near Manouna. When both reached the tomb by bike, Amit was present there. After the conversation, he sat on the bike with both of them on the pretext of taking documents from home. After walking some distance, Amit gets him off the bike saying that he should meet them at the tomb itself, they are coming in a while.

When both did not return for a long time, he went home. After this, there was a hearing between both of them on some matter. Due to which Amit lost his temper and strangled Vipin to death. After this, the police arrested Amit and interrogated him, then he admitted to the murder of Vipin. Police recovered Vipin’s body and his bike at Amit’s behest.

According to CO Amla Chaman Singh Chavda, the role of the has also come to the fore in this whole matter. Vipin was under so much pressure from the company officials that even after Amit’s refusal, he kept on calling him again and again. So the role of the company will also be probed and its documents will be scrutinised.



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