SP chief Akhilesh Yadav revealed on seat distribution, called BJP anti-people, RLD an old ally


SP chief Akhilesh Yadav revealed on seat distribution, called BJP anti-people, RLD an old ally

Lucknow: SP chief Akhilesh Yadav called a meeting of assembly in-charges at the party office in Lucknow on Thursday. During this, he communicated with the in-charges regarding the Lok Sabha elections. He said that SP workers should not fall into the trap of BJP. BJP will have to be united and defeated on all 80 seats. He said that “India alliance meeting is going on.” Suggestions have been given regarding seat distribution. Suggestions have also come from their side. The decision on seat sharing in the alliance will be taken soon. The discussions that have taken place so far are very positive.

SP leader Akhilesh has described RLD as his old partner. He said that we have good coordination with him. Therefore, there will be no problem in seat sharing with RLD. RJD and JDU candidates are not in a position to win the elections in UP. Therefore, it is better if these two parties are not included in the alliance.

 Akhilesh said 4 big things
BJP’s attitude is anti-people –
BJP does negative politics. This is a threat to the Constitution and democracy. Maximum 80 seats are in Uttar Pradesh, hence the responsibility of UP is also big. BJP is at the forefront in conspiring. BJP does not do politics of public interest. BJP people are the biggest land mafia. Wherever there is vacant land in the state, it is being captured. BJP’s attitude is anti-people.

law and order is completely broken
Law and order is completely broken during the BJP rule. Everyone is suffering from inflation. Women are being harassed. There is no security even for girls. There is no provision of livelihood for the youth. There is looting everywhere. From police station to tehsil level, no work is done without transaction. There is an atmosphere of anarchy everywhere.

Officials are busy preparing for the celebration
The treatment and medicine arrangements in hospitals are derailed. Health services are not available to the general public. People are losing their lives in the game of referring patients from one place to another. Dial ambulance 108 and 102 service has been completely ruined. The international level UP dial 100 police service was also ruined by BJP by making it 112. Neither bonfire nor night shelter has been arranged for the poor during the chilling winter nights. Officials are busy preparing for the celebration.

 Victims of injustice, atrocities and oppression of BJP government
Crores of people have trust in Samajwadi Party. Samajwadi PDA -Backwards, Dalits and minorities are all victims of injustice, atrocities and oppression of the BJP government. SP is fighting for their rights and respect. In the coming 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Samajwadi PDA and India Alliance together will defeat BJP on all 80 seats.

The government showed dreams of investment. He says that investment worth Rs 40 lakh crore will come to UP. In such a situation, I want to ask how much investment has come and how many jobs have been generated from it? The government does not have this data. The budget of PDA should not be cut.

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