Policeman’s son kidnapped the young man and beat him with a stick and belt for 5 hours, used toilet on his face and even licked his shoes.


Policeman’s son kidnapped the young man and beat him with a stick and belt for 5 hours, used toilet on his face and even licked his shoes.

Kanpur. In Kanpur, the son of a police constable, along with his associates, kidnapped two boys in a car and beat them with sticks and belts for five hours. Toilet on a boy’s face. Made him lick his shoes. Then he was thrown from the car in an unconscious state. Police investigation has revealed that the son of a head constable posted in the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) was among those who beat him. Kalyanpur police registered a case under sections of kidnapping and murderous attack.

Know the whole matter…How, when and why the dispute happened
Kalyanpur police station said that on October 5, 2023, Himanshu Yadav alias Shani, son of constable Dharmendra Yadav, was beaten by Ayush Dwivedi along with his associates Jamuna Thakur, Anuj Tiwari, Bunty Tiwari, Shantanu Yadav, Chhotu Bhadauria and eight-ten unknown people. The head constable’s wife Kusuma had lodged a report of attempt to murder against all the accused at Kalyanpur police station on 6 October.

The allegation was that her constable husband had sent criminal Jamuna Thakur to jail. Due to this rivalry, Jamuna, along with other goons including Ayush Dwivedi, had made a fatal attack on her son. Now the constable’s son has taken revenge for this. Three accused have gone to jail, but Ayush has not been arrested yet. Due to this, the constable’s son committed the crime. At present, as soon as evidence is received, a report will be filed under serious sections including kidnapping, attempt to murder. The police team is conducting raids in search of the accused.

Called to meet through girl and kidnapped
IIT student Ayush Dwivedi, living in Radhapuram, Kalyanpur, told the police that a few days ago he had befriended a girl named Divyanshi Pandey on Instagram. Had called to meet on Monday in the street behind Hotel Landmark. Ayush along with his friend Bittu alias Abhishek Singh, living in Ranapratap Nagar, reached Civil Lines by bike. Himanshu Yadav was already present there with his friends. Himanshu was accompanied by his friends Shubham Sonkar, Nandu Dubey, Rishabh Chauhan, Mohit Mishra, Ayush Mishra and two other boys. According to Ayush, they beat him and Abhishek and forced them to sit in the Innova car.

He placed a gun near his temple and fired a shot.
When Ayush and Abhishek tried to scream, his hands and legs were tied in the car and a cloth was stuffed in his mouth. He was beaten so brutally with belts, sticks and kicks that his entire body turned black. When she was not satisfied, she toileted her face and licked her shoes. The car was stopped at one place. After some time, Himanshu also called his father Dharmendra. He came there and did not stop his son, but instead beat up Ayush. After this, he placed the pistol near his temple and fired a shot. The bullet passed through the side of the head. After this Himanshu came near Kesa Road in Kalyanpur with his Innova. Here Ayush was thrown on the road.

When people saw the young man bleeding, they informed the police.
When people passing by the road saw a boy bleeding on the roadside, they informed the police. The police took him to the hospital. When Ayush regained consciousness, he informed the police about the entire matter. After the police investigation started, it was found that Ayush’s friend was thrown from the car in the civil line. He has also been beaten. Now the police is recording his statement also.

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