Noida Murder Case: Former IRS officer killed lawyer’s wife, this was the dispute


Noida Murder Case: Former IRS officer killed lawyer’s wife, this was the dispute

Murder of Supreme Court lawyer in Noida.Murder of Supreme Court lawyer in Noida.

Noida Murder Case: A 62-year-old former Indian Revenue Service officer was arrested on Monday for murdering his Supreme Court lawyer wife at his bungalow in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida. Accused Ajay Nath had hidden in the store room of the bungalow after committing the crime on Sunday. The deceased, identified as Renu Sinha, was found in the bathroom of her home in Noida’s posh Sector 30 on Sunday.

The brother of the deceased had given a complaint

The incident came to light when 61-year-old victim Renu Sinha was not responding to her brother’s repeated phone calls for two days. After this his brother complained about the matter to the police. Police found Renu’s body in the bathroom. Meanwhile, her husband, who was missing since the incident and against whom Renu’s brother had filed allegations. He was absconding after committing the incident. Also, her husband’s phone was also not working. Her brother also revealed that the couple had frequent arguments.

Police arrested the accused

Police traced the location of Renu’s husband’s phone and found its location in the store room of the bungalow. Ajay Nath locked the bungalow and hid in the empty store on the terrace. He was hiding in the store room for almost 24 hours. Subsequently, he was arrested and taken for questioning. Police interrogated the former IRS officer. During this, Ajay Nath confessed that he had planned to sell his bungalow for Rs 4 crore and had also taken the advance amount, but his wife was opposing the sale of the bungalow. Deceased lawyer Renu was battling cancer. He was undergoing treatment in a hospital in Noida.

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