KFC in Ayodhya: American fast food company KFC will open an outlet near Ram Temple, but….


KFC in Ayodhya: American fast food company KFC will open an outlet near Ram Temple, but….

KFC in Ayodhya: Since the consecration of Ram Lalla on January 22, an average of 2 lakh devotees are visiting Ayodhya every day. Due to this, there has been an increase in other businesses including hotels, restaurants. Many international brands are planning to open their outlets here. Domino’s Pizza has also opened. Now American fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is also trying to open its shop. However, he will have to change his menu. Because Ayodhya has been declared a non-vegetarian zone. No meat product will be sold here.

According to a Moneycontrol report, KFC will have to go vegetarian in line with the city’s strict ‘vegetarian only policy’. If KFC wants to enter Ayodhya, it will have to adapt itself to the spiritual city. American KFC is known for its chicken.

Welcome with open heart, but will have to become vegetarian
Vishal Singh, vice-chairman of Ayodhya Development Authority, said that KFC has set up its unit on the Ayodhya-Lucknow highway, as we do not allow non-vegetarian foods around the Ram temple. If KFC decides to sell only vegetarian items, we are ready to accommodate that too. We also welcome them with open heart, but the only restriction is that they will not serve non-vegetarian foods inside Panch Kosi.

Pizza Hut opens in Mall of Awadh
A person named Avadh Kumar Verma has opened a Pizza Hut shop in Mall of Avadh, about 8 km from Ram Temple. He regrets not having an outlet within Ayodhya. Pizza Hut had opened this shop about three months ago when the date of inauguration of Ram Mandir was announced.

Avadh Verma told that we are looking for a shop on Ram Path because there is more crowd in that area. At present, our business is quite good, but getting a shop there will increase the business further.

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