‘It is the misfortune of the opposition that..’, Kothari brothers’ sister Purnima said on those who rejected the invitation to Ram temple, friends told the story of Ram-Sharad


'it is the misfortune of the opposition that.. ', kothari brothers' sister purnima said on those who rejected the invitation to ram temple, friends told the story of ram-sharad - news2news. In

Purnima Kothari sister of Kothari brothers on Ram Mandir Inauguration:Kothari brothers…the idea of ​​Ram temple is incomplete without remembering this name. The date of inauguration of Ram temple on 22 January is very special for the Kothari brothers family. The Kothari brothers family of Kolkata had been waiting for this day for a long time. Because the family’s two sons Ram and Sharad were among the first to hoist the saffron flag on the disputed Babri Masjid on 30 October 1990. On November 2, 1990, the then Mulayam Singh government ordered police forces to open fire on kar-sevaks. Ram and Sharad Kothari became martyrs for the Ram Janmabhoomi temple.

Sister Purnima said- Till date I have not forgotten what happened with the brothers.
Kothari brothers’ sister Purnima has received an invitation for the consecration ceremony on 22 January. He said that this is the first happiness in the last 33 years. We waited for 33 years after the sacrifice of our brothers and we are very happy. Till date, I have not forgotten what happened to my brothers 33 years ago. Today we are able to see the grand Ram temple in front of our eyes. But at one point, we lost all hope. I thought that I would never be able to see Ram temple being built. I am happy and proud that the sacrifice of my brothers is getting due respect today.

we lost hope
Have you ever felt that your brothers’ sacrifice was in vain? Answering this question, Purnima said that yes, it felt like this before 2014. Because when questions were raised on the existence of Lord Ram, Ram devotees were also considered anarchists. Swami Prasad Maurya had recently said that they were anarchist elements. Our expectations were very low, but now the atmosphere in the country is very good. I feel very proud to come to Ayodhya today.

Questioning Mulayam Singh Yadav’s decision, Purnima said that if he had to shoot, he should have shot in the leg, why kill? It was heard that Mulayam Singh later regretted firing at the kar sevaks. He just did this for some votes.

Called opposition parties unfortunate
On opposition leaders rejecting the invitation to the Pran Pratistha ceremony to be held on January 22, Purnima Kothari said, ‘It is their misfortune that they are not coming even after receiving the invitation. There are many people who are happy to come to Ayodhya. Even if they cannot witness the consecration. They (opposition) are politicians and they will look at everything from that perspective.

Friends told the story of Karseva
Ram-Sharad, close to the Kothari brothers, run the Kothari Smriti Sangh. Ashok Jaiswal, vice president of this organization, Ram and Sharad both were my friends. Was more close to younger brother Sharad Kothari. We were in the same branch of RSS. I used to meet Ram Kothari sometimes. When the call for Karseva was made in Ayodhya in 1990, I was less than 18 years old and Sharad was 20 years old. Due to some reasons I could not go but both the brothers left for Ayodhya.

Kothari brothers
Kothari brothers

Ashok Jaiswal said that on October 30, 1990, Sharad Kothari first hoisted the saffron flag on the main dome and performed his Kar Seva. On 2 November 1990, tear gas was used on unarmed kar sevaks who were singing Ram Dhun. After this the firing started and both the brothers hid in a nearby house. The police forcefully caught them and shot Sharad. When elder brother Ram tried to save him, the police also shot him in the head. In this way, both the brothers lost their lives while doing kar seva on 2 November 1990.

Organization distributing Akshat in Calcutta
The family has since established the Ram-Sharad Kothari Smriti Sangh in the memory of the two brothers. The Sangh will arrange for refreshments in Ayodhya during the Pran Pratistha ceremony. A group of about 60 people from the Sangh will also go to Ayodhya. More and more people from Kolkata should participate in the consecration ceremony of Ram Lala, the organization is also delivering Akshat from Ayodhya to every house.

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