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Great news for the people of UP, now the fitness test of the vehicle will be done in any district

Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicle Rules 2023.

Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicle Rules 2023.

Uttar Pradesh motor vehicle rules:Big relief news has come to the fore for the people of Uttar Pradesh. The Yogi government has amended the UP Motor Vehicle Manual. The UP government, by amending the Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicle Rules 1998, has started the facility for all vehicles of the state to obtain fitness certificate in any district. A notification regarding the new rules has also been issued by the administration. After the amendment, it has been called the Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicle (29th Amendment) Rules, 2023. For information, let us tell you that under the system till now, for the fitness test, the vehicle owners had to take the vehicle for the test in the same district where the vehicle was registered. Vehicle owners have definitely got relief after this decision of the government.

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According to the new revised rules, now the application for the fitness test of the vehicle can be made in any district of the state. If the vehicle is being used in any other state, the prescribed authority will be the registering authority or the Automatic Testing Center of the nearest district of Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, if the test is conducted in a district other than the registered district, then the inspecting officer or the authorized test center will have to compulsorily upload its report on the portal of the Transport Department on the same day or on the next working day. If the vehicle is found to conform to the new amendment, a fitness certificate will be issued by the concerned authority within 15 days. However, the next certificate will be obtained from the authorized testing center where the vehicle is registered. Earlier this system was much more complicated.

Vehicle owner has to visit the testing center within 60 days

When a vehicle is presented for inspection, the concerned officer will accept the certificate of the vehicle being in good condition as per the rules in the investigation. The vehicle owner will have to take the vehicle along with the testing fee to the registering authority or the authorized testing center within 60 days from the date of expiry of the fitness certificate. In case the vehicle does not pass the test, one can apply for the test again by paying the fee for re-test.

Changes in motor vehicle rules of UP

Some rules have also been abolished in the amendments by the government. Now the registering authority or the authorized testing center cannot fix the day for the next inspection of the vehicle. Along with this, the compulsion of applying within at least one month of the expiry of the vehicle owner’s certificate and the day and time given by the registering authority will also be done away with.

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