Case of suicide of M.Tech student in IIT Kanpur: Suicide note made shocking revelation!


Case of suicide of M.Tech student in IIT Kanpur: Suicide note made shocking revelation!

Lucknow.Vikas Meena, an MTech student at Kanpur IIT, Uttar Pradesh, committed suicide. A suicide note has been found from the student’s room, which is going viral on social media. Although does not confirm this. In a one-page suicide note, the student has written that he committed suicide after failing and being terminated from the institute. The IIT administration tried to hide the suicide note but the suicide note recovered from the student’s room revealed the death of the student. Let us tell you that the deceased student Vikas was a resident of Kankarkheda in Meerut. He was studying M.Tech second year from Aerospace Branch from IIT. Vikas had committed suicide by hanging himself in the hostel room on Wednesday evening. No student is ready to speak on the matter.

Suicide note: I could neither be a good son nor a student
I tried but I couldn’t do it. At this age, I should have been able to support my family, but even now I am living on the money of my family. Sorry for breaking your trust, I am just a failure, nothing more than that. I could neither become a good son nor a student. I was suffering from job related depression for a long time, hence I was not able to focus on my work. Mother, take care of yourself and father too. After writing this the student hanged himself in the hostel room. Police is investigating the matter.

Now students have decided to undergo regular counseling
Three students have committed suicide in IIT Kanpur in five years. The case of suicide of students has left even the management in shock. Now IIT has decided to conduct regular counseling of students. For this, six more new counselors will be appointed. There will be continuous interaction with the students to understand their mood. Counselors will go to the students’ rooms and inquire about their well-being. This process will run seven days a week. Counselors will be available to the students 24 hours.

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