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Blood of relationships: Aayushi’s murder after Shraddha murder case in Delhi, the secret of the body found in such a trolley bag

Ayushi Yadav Murder

Ayushi Yadav Murder

The case of 27-year-old Shraddha Walker’s murder in the country’s capital Delhi () has not even calmed down that now another daughter has been murdered in Delhi. Ayushi Yadav, 21, was murdered. Shraddha was murdered by her boyfriend Aftab Poonawala. These two murder cases of Delhi are heart-wrenching.

According to media reports, the body of Ayushi Yadav, a resident of Delhi, was found in a red colored trolley bag along the in Mathura district. When the dead body was identified, it turned out to be Ayushi Yadav of Delhi. On Sunday, the mother and brother of the deceased identified the body. Police said that Ayushi’s murder was a case of honor killing. It was the father who had shot the daughter and then threw the body in a suitcase in Raya area of ​​Mathura.

For information, let us tell you that the police started questioning the accused father in custody. SP City MP Singh says that the girl had left the house on the morning of 17 November. His blood-soaked body was found in a trolley bag on the service road of the next day i.e. 18th November. The girl had injury marks on her head, arms and legs. There was a bullet in the chest. Mathura police had constituted 8 teams to identify the dead. inquired in Delhi NCR.

Ayushi Yadav was a resident of Delhi

After about 48 hours, the Mathura police got success when the police got a call from the family of the girl from Delhi. Relatives told that the deceased is his daughter Ayushi Yadav, a resident of village Modband in Badarpur area of ​​Delhi. The relatives reached the post-mortem house in Mathura. The police inquired after the meeting by showing the photo to the girl’s family members. After which the SWAT team and Raya police reached Mathura with mother, brother and father. The girl’s mother and brother reached the post-mortem house. Police said that the daughter was shot by the father as the girl had left home without informing and when she came home, the father lost his temper and killed the daughter. As of now, the matter is still under investigation.

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