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Big action of Noida police, caught 135 history sheeters

Big action by Noida Police.

Big action by Noida Police.

UP Police has taken major action on Wednesday night in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Police arrested 135 suspects while gathering information about criminals, anti-social elements and history-sheeters released from jail on bail. All the suspected miscreants are involved in robbery, theft and snatching. Noida police asked all these miscreants their whereabouts, source of income and some other questions.

A senior Noida police officer said that they were caught on Wednesday night for information about criminal activities and released on Thursday morning after questioning. Those who got bail some time ago, are now out of jail and what are they doing after coming out, for this the Noida Police launched a special campaign. Under the leadership of DCP Harish Chander (DCP Harish Chander), ADCP Shakti Awasthi (ADCP Shakti Awasthi) and all ACPs of Noida zone were formed including 22 teams.

These teams raided different areas of Noida and nabbed 135 suspects. Information was taken from all of them about their means of livelihood, their present residence and their family. Apart from this, a dossier is being prepared by collecting their information in many cases. Let us tell you that in Noida recently in many cases such criminals were caught, who came out of jail on bail and started committing crimes again. That’s why continuous raids were conducted from Wednesday night till Thursday morning. This campaign was carried out in different zones. Noida Police said that many more information has also been received through interrogation of these people.

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Encounter of 183 criminals so far under Yogi’s rule

Significantly, the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh has been strict regarding law and order since the beginning. In March 2017, CM Yogi had announced in clear words only after taking oath that the criminals of Uttar Pradesh should either leave the state or be ready to go to jail. According to a figure, 9,434 encounters have taken place so far during the 6 years of Yogi’s rule. In this, 183 criminals have been killed and 5,046 criminals have been arrested.

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