3 murdered for 6 feet land in Lucknow: History-sheeter shot mother, son and brother-in-law, family said – encounter sir, CCTV viral


3 murdered for 6 feet land in Lucknow: History-sheeter shot mother, son and brother-in-law, family said – encounter sir, CCTV viral

Lucknow Triple Murder: A minor dispute in the capital Lucknow ended with the death of mother, son and brother-in-law. The incident took place in Mohammadnagar of Malihabad police station area. The dispute was only about 6 feet of land. On Friday, history-sheeter Lallan alias Gabbar reached the house of opposition Farid. His son and three other people were also with him. As soon as he entered the house, Lallan shot and killed Farid’s wife Farheen Khan, son Hanjala and cousin Munir Ahmed alias Taj with a licensed weapon. The incident has been captured in the CCTV camera installed in front of the house, which is now viral on social media.

Not only the family members but the entire village is shocked by the murder of three members of the family. Due to tension, force has been deployed in the area. Sister Najmi has demanded from the police officers that Lallan should be encountered.

Ongoing dispute regarding distribution of land
Actually, there is a dispute going on between Farid, a resident of Mohammadnagar, and his family Lallan regarding the distribution of ancestral land. The matter is pending in the SDM court. SDM had sent accountant Raghuveer Yadav to do the measurement. During measurement, an altercation broke out between Farid and Lallan’s son Faraz. After some time the accountant went there. Farid also returned to his home.

After some time Lallan reached Farid’s house with his son Faraz, driver and others. Farid’s cousin elder brother Munir Ahmed alias Taj protested. Then Lallan opened fire. The bullet hit Munir directly in the neck. The bullet fired from Faraz’s weapon hit Farhan’s chest and his son Hanjana’s neck. Both died on the spot. Munir was taken to the Community Health Centre, where doctors declared him dead.

Lucknow triple murder
From left- cousin Munir Ahmed alias Taj, sister-in-law Farheen Khan, nephew Hanjala.

Lallan arrived in the footage waving a weapon
In the footage, accused Lallan Khan was seen arriving with his associates in a red SUV waving a rifle. Police said that after this people were seen arguing with the family. Within no time the situation escalated and the accused started firing. There is an atmosphere of panic in the area after the firing and police officers have been deployed in the area to prevent any untoward incident.

Rifle and car recovered
Police said that they have recovered the licensed rifle and Thar in which they had come to this house. Some associates of the accused have also been arrested. Police claim that Lallan will also be caught soon. The police were not informed about the measurement. Therefore no policeman was present at the spot.



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