Tragic accident: Mother left her 9 month old baby and went to wash clothes, suddenly the hut caught fire and the innocent child was burnt alive.


Tragic accident: mother left her 9 month old baby and went to wash clothes, suddenly the hut caught fire and the innocent child was burnt alive. - news2news. In

Jaipur. The mother left her 9-month-old baby girl, two sons aged 7 and 4 in the hut and went to wash clothes in the river. After some time the hut suddenly caught fire. Both the children ran outside. The girl remained lying on the cot. Within no time the fire took a huge form. The mother and neighbors tried hard to control the fire but the girl was burnt alive. Only the remains of the girl were found. The incident took place in Sompur village of Bhungra police station of Banswara, Rajasthan.

Whole incident: Only burnt remains of Kalpana were found
According to the information, in the afternoon, mother Bhula Devi (27) had gone to the river to wash clothes, leaving 9-month-old baby Kalpana on the cot. During this time, Bhula Devi’s two sons (7 and 4 years) were present with the girl. After some time the hut caught fire due to unknown reasons. In the neighborhood was the house of Bhula Devi’s brother-in-law Santosh. Santosh ran screaming. Bhula Devi also came running. Both of them took care of the children. The fire spread rapidly as the house was unbuilt and made of wood. Efforts were made to control the fire with the help of neighbours, but the fire could not be extinguished. The hut was completely destroyed. Burnt remains of Kalpana were found.

Father had gone to a function at a relative’s place.
Father Dola Sarel told the police that on Friday I had gone to a notare (feast) program at a relative’s place in Bhuri Ghati village of Ambapura police station area. The house caught fire from behind. Elder brother Santosh informed about the fire on phone. When I reached my home in Sompur, I saw that my brother Santosh, wife Bhula Devi and neighbors were trying to extinguish the fire. The fire could not be controlled.

How did the fire start? Police are looking for the reason
Dola told the police that Rs 50 thousand were kept in the hut. Apart from this, gold and silver jewellery, clothes, bedding, everything was burnt. Police recovered the remains of the body and sent it for postmortem. How did the fire start? Police is looking for the reason.

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