Terror of leopard in Rajasthan: Attacked on crowd in Dholpur, family was shocked to see leopard sitting on the stairs of the house in Udaipur


Terror of leopard in rajasthan: attacked on crowd in dholpur, family was shocked to see leopard sitting on the stairs of the house in udaipur - news2news. In

Leopard Terror Rajasthan: Leopard created terror in Rajasthan. The leopard entered a village in Dholpur and attacked two youths. After this he went to a house and sat down. Even after efforts throughout the night, he could not be rescued. Here, leopard entered a house located in Sector-14 of Udaipur. To avoid the leopard, he locked himself in his room with the family living in the house. There is fear of leopard in the entire area.

Shocked after seeing leopard on stairs in Udaipur
According to the information, Jamuna Devi, resident of Suhalka Bhawan, Sector-14, Udaipur, was going back to her room after sweeping the courtyard in the morning, when she felt the sound of someone coming. After this a sound started coming from near the stairs. When Jamuna’s daughter-in-law Nitya looked from the window, she saw a leopard sitting on the stairs. The family members got scared after seeing the leopard. There was no man at home. Mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and one and a half year old girl locked themselves in the room. After the information, Savina police station and forest department team reached. After two and a half hours of hard work we were able to rescue the leopard.

When a crowd gathered to see the leopard, it attacked
Leopard entered Mangrol village of Maniyan police station area in Dholpur late on Tuesday night. The leopard sat hiding in a ruined house. A crowd of people gathered to see the leopard. Leopard attacked people. 2 youths were injured. After the information, the forest department team arrived and carried out rescue throughout the night. There was an atmosphere of panic among the villagers. Shankar (40) and Dhongi Diwakar (42) got injured due to the leopard attack.

Leopard could not be rescued due to darkness
According to the police, experts from the Forest Department team reached the spot and started rescuing the leopard, but due to darkness there was difficulty in the rescue operation. Villagers were advised to remain locked in their homes. The team remained engaged in rescue efforts throughout the night, but could not rescue the leopard due to darkness.

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