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Rajasthan: Joint Director of DOIT suspended, 2.31 crore cash and 1 KG gold were found in the cupboard

Joint Director of DOIT suspended.

Joint Director of DOIT suspended.

Ved Prakash Yadav, Joint Director of the Information and Technology Department of Rajasthan, has been suspended today i.e. on Monday. Let us inform that the Anti Corruption Bureau had raided the house of Ved Prakash on last Friday. During this, the anti-corruption team got about Rs 2.31 crore in cash and about 1 kg of gold biscuits from his cupboard. Seeing this, the eyes of the investigating agency were wide open. The police immediately took Ved Prakash Yadav into custody and handed him over to the ACB. After this, today Prakash Yadav has been suspended from the post of Joint Director of Information and Technology Department.

Ved Prakash Yadav confessed his

According to media reports, it was revealed in a CCTV footage that as soon as the duty time was over, Ved Prakash went to the basement with a laptop bag on his shoulder, then opened the lock of the cupboard, kept the bag and left. This is the same cupboard from which ACB recovered Rs 2.31 crore and one kg. When the accused was questioned in the matter, at first he was coaxing the team, but after strictly asking, he accepted the bribe.

Sono was bought during demonetisation

Prakash Yadav confessed his crime and said that he had taken this bribe to buy CCTV cameras. He has collected this amount by taking bribe from many people. Instead of taking this money home, he used to keep it here in the cupboard. Along with this, he has also confessed that he had bought one kg gold ingot during demonetisation to dispose of old notes.

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