Rajasthan Elections: ‘Congress eclipsed Rajasthan’, Nadda lashed out at Gehlot government in Bilara.


Rajasthan Elections: ‘Congress eclipsed Rajasthan’, Nadda lashed out at Gehlot government in Bilara.

BJP President JP Nadda.BJP President JP Nadda.

Rajasthan Elections: BJP President JP Nadda addressed an election rally in Bilara on Saturday for the Rajasthan Assembly elections. During this, he fiercely targeted Congress. He said that today Rajasthan is breaking records in corruption, contempt of farmers and injustice done to them. Rajasthan ranks number 1 in cases of female harassment and rape.

Fiercely targeted at Congress

The state ranks first in atrocities on the poor and backward. Fighting brother against brother, religious appeasement and separation of head and body, the things that have come from this peace-loving Rajasthan in the last 5 years, have eclipsed Rajasthan. The day of removal of this eclipse is 25th November. Nadda said that wherever the name of Congress is there, there will be corruption, loot, fraud, scam, deceit, nepotism and dynasty.

Congress kept fighting for the chair for five years.

He is associated with Congress. He said that CM Gehlot did not rule Rajasthan for 5 years. There was only chair fighting here. 19 paper leak incidents took place here, many scams like Forest Guard Recruitment Scam, Patwari Scam, Police Constable Recruitment Scam took place here.

Praised BJP

Praising BJP, Nadda said that our aim is not only to send BJP candidates to Rajasthan Assembly by winning, but this is a way for us to save the self-respect of Rajasthan, to change the fate and picture of this region and this is the way. To protect your rights. The BJP leader said that Rajasthan is a state of peace-loving, cultured and god-like people with different turbans.

Congress tarnished Rajasthan

But the pride of Rajasthan has been tarnished under the Gehlot government. He further said that where there is BJP, there will be development, there will be a path for women’s self-reliance, farmers will have the right to live with dignity, there will be a path for the youth to take this new India towards a developed India with hopes. Where there is BJP there will be stability.

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