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Rajasthan Crime: There was a stir, murder or mass suicide after the bodies of 6 people of a family were found in Udaipur? Police engaged in investigation

A heart-wrenching incident has come to light in Gogunda town of Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Here on Monday, dead bodies of 6 people of the same family were found in a house. There has been a stir in the area after this suspicious death. 6 members of the family have committed or they have died due to some other reason, it is not yet known. According to the information received, dead bodies of four innocent people, including the couple, have been recovered from a room in the house, while as soon as the information spread, a huge crowd of villagers gathered on the spot.

It is being told that the whole matter pertains to Gol Nedi village of Jhauli under Gogunda station area. As soon as the information was received, the (Rajasthan Police) reached the spot and took the dead bodies in their possession and sent them for . At present, the cause of death has not been disclosed yet. Police say whether the family has committed mass or they have been murdered, it will be revealed only after investigation.

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