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Organic farming changed the idea of ​​a young man, leaving a package of 18 lakhs, he got a business worth crores.

Deepak, a resident of Rajasthan.Deepak, a resident of Rajasthan.

One cannot live without appreciating what Deepak, who hails from Auwa, a small village in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan, has done in the field of . Deepak, 35, was doing a luxurious job in Japan. Despite getting a package of 18 lakhs annually, a thought forced Deepak to leave Japan and return to India. The idea was to do . Initially, the family members also raised questions about Deepak leaving the job, but now not only the family members, but Deepak’s name has become famous in the entire village and surrounding areas. So let’s say that Deepak, who used to earn Rs 1.5 lakh per month, has today accumulated a business of crores of rupees in .

According to media reports, Deepak told that when I was in Tokyo, his friend always used to watch videos of Indian scholar Rajiv Dixit and always used to discuss that the food in India is better. He told that one day I fell and broke my arm. When I went to the doctor, he also said that there is a lot of difference between the food and drink of Japan and India. Your bones have become weak because of the food you are eating here. At the same time, when I saw Rajiv ji’s video, I thought of returning to my country India. When this was told to the family members, they became very angry and said that such a good job should not be left.

Deepak further told that I ignored this and decided to come to India. After coming to India, in 2017 he started contacting farmers in neighboring districts of Jodhpur as well. Talked to the farmers of Nagaur, Barmer, Jalore, Pali, Sirohi, Ganganagar, Bikaner, Pratapgarh, Udaipur districts and explained about organic farming. He said that in the year 2018, 40 farmers joined him and started working. Today we have progressed so much in organic farming that along with India, we have started supplying goods to other countries like USA, Germany, Europe as well. Due to this the income of the farmers has increased. Deepak told that I get happiness by doing my organic works. Today he is handling a business of 24 crores annually.

The whole district is proud of Deepak

Deepak is a resident of Auwa, a small village in Jodhpur district. He completed his 10th standard in his village in 2001. After this in 2004 studied in Deoli. Got married in 2007 after inter college. His father used to work as a builder in Mumbai since 1997. Deepak went to Mumbai to pursue his further studies in MBA. He passed CAT exam there. Due to the loss in the work of Deepak’s father, he left his studies in between and took up a marketing job in a diamond company. Pleased with his work, the company sent him to the post of Business Development Manager in Tokyo city of Japan in 2012 on a package of 18 lakhs. He was living a life of luxury, but a video changed his thinking, due to which the lives of farmers have changed. Today, not only the family but also the people living in the district and neighboring districts are very proud of Deepak.

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