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Opportunity to know future from world’s top astrologers, more than 1500 astrologers will give knowledge of future

Countrymen have a chance to know the future from the top astrologers of the world. For the first time, astrologers from all over the world will gather in large numbers in Jaipur. With these, people will be able to know about their future and show their horoscope. Along with this, you will be able to understand the importance of gems and will also be able to wear them. Also, you will be able to get advice on career options in astrology.

Astrologers from all over the world will gather in ’s capital Jaipur on Sunday. Jyotish Mahasabha will be organized on 20 November at Birla Auditorium. This program will be organized by All India Astrology Association (Delhi), Future Point and Katyayani Astrology Center (Mumbai), International School of Astrology and Divine Sciences Research Center and Shivam Astrology Study. More than 1500 astrologers from India and abroad will gather on this great platform. This Jyotish Ratnamaya Mahotsav has been organized for the first time in Jaipur. The special thing is that astrology will be discussed for 12 hours.

what will be special in the program

The youngest astrologer of the country will participate in this event and share her experience. For the first time such a large number of astrologers from all over the country will gather on one platform and increase the knowledge of the people. Astrologers from America and London have been invited for the show. Ashish Lohia, the organizer of this festival, told that there will be discussion on astrology, gems and fruitful astrology. There will be a chance for free horoscope making and consultation for the guests coming to the festival. Information about married life will also be given during the festival. The program will have three talk shows, in which the importance of gemstones, career and other topics will be discussed.

Astrologers will come from many cities of the country

Giving information about the program, Guru Jayant Pandey and Arun Bansal said that the event will have technically competent experienced astrologers who have duly studied astrologers for horoscope analysis. Tell that astrologers from Chennai, Bengaluru, Gujarat, Bihar, Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai and many big cities will participate in the program.

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