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Mohammad Noor joined the army by making a death certificate, this is how he got caught

Accused Mohin Sisodia, a resident of Ajmer.

Accused Mohin Sisodia, a resident of Ajmer.

In Kishangarh of Ajmer district, a shocking case of a youth getting a job in the army by forgery has come to the fore. The youth declared himself dead and then prepared . After this he joined the army by giving examination and physical. Within a year, his forgery was exposed. Now a case has been registered against the accused.

According to media reports, this case is related to Dhani village located in Kakaniyawas under Bandarsindri station of Kishangarh. Mohammad Noor living here wanted to join the army. He was disqualified because of his age. In such a situation, he adopted a cunning method to join the army. He declared himself dead and got the death certificate made. He not only changed his name but also passed the matriculation examination again so that he could score more marks. He also got success in the army test. He was selected in July 2021 as Rajputana Rifles in the army. After this he completed the training. Recently he had come on his duty after completing the training. His forgery was revealed only after his arrival.

such an open secret

Mohammad Noor had changed his name to Mohin Sisodia. After joining the army, a salary of 40 to 50 thousand was also available, but before that a letter received by the Directorate General of the Ministry of Defense revealed the whole secret. The army probed the matter and initiated action against him. He has been expelled from the army.

Ajmer District Superintendent of Chunaram told that the investigation has been started in the matter. He told that nothing is being given as allowance to Mohin Sisodia (Mohammed Noor). The concerned have been instructed to complete the investigation as soon as possible and take further action. On the other hand, the station in-charge concerned said that Gafoor Khan, a resident of Sali village, had complained against Mohin Sisodia. Based on this, the army conducted an inquiry and fired him.

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