Gold Smuggling: Gold made into toothpaste, new method of gold smuggling, gold worth Rs 5 crore seized at Jaipur Airport


Gold Smuggling: Gold made into toothpaste, new method of gold smuggling, gold worth Rs 5 crore seized at Jaipur Airport

New way to smuggle gold.

New way to smuggle gold.

Gold Smuggling: Now a new method has emerged to smuggle gold. Gold worth more than Rs 5 crore has been seized at Jaipur Airport in the last seven days. This gold is brought to India from Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Smugglers first convert the gold into a paste with the help of a chemical. After this, they bring it back hidden in the rectum, because when the gold is converted into a post, it cannot be detected even by the metal detector during checking at the airport. Due to which smugglers become successful in smuggling gold very easily.

These people use women and poor people to smuggle gold. Smugglers get the work done by luring the poor with money. Every day, people smuggling huge quantities of gold into India are caught along with the gold. In such a situation, gold smugglers use new methods.

method of gold smuggling

Gold is smuggled into the country through hundreds of methods. Even before this, cases of gold smuggling in many different ways have been seen at the airport. Smuggling is done in many ways, including inside shoes, in mobile phones, by hiding it in the body, by sewing it inside one’s clothes, in jackets or special belts.

gold paste

On September 8, a passenger was caught with more than 5 kg of gold at Jaipur Airport. This traveler had brought the gold from Dubai by making a paste and hiding it in the grinder machine. Whose price was more than Rs 3 crore. It was only after his arrest that a new method of gold smuggling emerged.

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The customs department has been keeping an eye on the methods of gold smuggling for a long time. In such a situation, the customs officials have kept a close watch and strict checking at the airport. As a result of this, Customs officials caught people smuggling huge quantities of gold in the past few days. After which the customs officials convert the captured gold paste back into gold with the help of experts.

Actually, it is easy to reach Delhi from Saudi Arabia and Dubai via Jaipur. Therefore, a large number of cases of gold smuggling are reported at Jaipur Airport. At the same time, there is more strictness at big airports like Delhi Airport and Mumbai. Therefore, smugglers mostly try to take out the goods from small airports only.

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