Drama in JNVU: When students protested, Vice Chancellor sat on the ground and wrote resignation, know the whole matter


Drama in JNVU: When students protested, Vice Chancellor sat on the ground and wrote resignation, know the whole matter

JNVU protested: Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan’s famous university JNVU, KL Srivastava resigned from his post on Saturday. During the demonstration of ABVP students, when the student union officials did not agree, the Vice Chancellor called his PA and wrote his resignation letter. After the resignation, when he started leaving in the government car, the students started protesting again. After this he got down from the car and left for home on foot.

what is the matter
This incident happened around 12 in the morning. ABVP students had demonstrated with 74-point demands. During this time, students under the leadership of ABVP state co-minister Sachin Rajpurohit and unit co-secretary Yash Sharma surrounded the car of VC Srivastava. The Vice Chancellor got down from the car and asked the protesters to walk towards the office and the Vice Chancellor also got down from the car along with the students and reached the office on foot.

The students reached the office and surrounded the gate of the Vice Chancellor and started raising slogans. The Vice Chancellor called him to the office and asked for a discussion but no student was ready to listen. The students said that they have been making rounds in the university for two months regarding various demands, but no solution is found. Every time the matter is resolved by taking them to the office. That’s why students were adamant about talking outside the office.


The Vice Chancellor kept giving advice to the students till around 12:30 pm but when they were not ready to listen, he started shouting at the students. The students did not like his attitude and started protesting against it again. The Vice Chancellor also got angry with this protest and sat on the ground outside the office and asked for documents from the PA and submitted his resignation in the name of Raj Bhavan to his PA in front of all the children.

Vice Chancellor has come into controversies many times
Earlier, Vice Chancellor KL Srivastava was accused of getting into controversies over extending the tenure of his favorite professors even after retirement, breaking the confidentiality of the secret branch and increasing exam fees against the rules. Since his assumption of charge, many controversies have come up, which reached Raj Bhavan. It is being told that displeasure regarding the Vice Chancellor was also expressed from Raj Bhavan.

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