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Creepy story: Tantrik pours Feviquik on couple making relationship, CCTV footage searched and 200 people interrogated

Tantrik in custody

Tantrik in custody

A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from . Here a 55-year-old Tantrik has been arrested for the murder of a couple in Udaipur. Three days after he was killed, on 18 November, when his naked body was found in a nearby forest, there was a stir in the whole area. On November 18, the mutilated bodies of a 30-year-old government teacher Rahul Meena and 28-year-old woman Sonu Kunwar were found in the forest of Gogunda station area of ​​Udaipur. As per initial reports, the private part was cut off. Hearing the story of this heinous, barbaric double murder in Udaipur, people’s souls are shaken.

Police arrested the tantrik

As soon as the information was received, the police arrested a tantrik. Who asked a married man and woman to have physical relations on the pretext of sorcery and during that time first threw feviquit on them and later attacked their private parts with knives and stones. was put to death. Udaipur police told that both were married.

CCTV footage of 50 places and interrogation of 200 people

Tell that after the body was found, CCTV footage of about 50 places were searched and 200 people were questioned. He told that on the basis of the evidence found in the investigation, the suspected tantrik Bhalesh Kumar has been arrested. Who is being questioned. He accepted the crime of murder. Who used to make amulets to get rid of people’s problems. The Superintendent of Police told that the relatives of the deceased also used to visit this temple. Police said that the motive of the tantrik was to kill Rahul and Sonu. When both were making physical relation. So that people felt that both were having a relationship.

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