Big statement of former MP after joining BJP: Shankar Pannu said – Congress selectively killed loyal workers.


Big statement of former mp after joining bjp: shankar pannu said - congress selectively killed loyal workers. - news2news. In

Rajasthan Politics News: The rebellion continues in the politics of Rajasthan. Congress suffered a big setback on Wednesday. 113 leaders including former Congress MP and former MLA have joined BJP. At the state BJP headquarters, co-incharge of Rajasthan Vijaya Rahatkar introduced the membership of BJP to former Congress MP from Hanumangarh Shankar Pannu, former MLA from Pilani JP Chandelia, former state vice president of JJP and former MLA Nand Kishore Mahariya.

There are sycophants, dishonest and scoundrel people in Congress.
After joining BJP, former MP Shankar Pannu targeted former CM Ashok Gehlot. While talking to the media, Shankar Pannu said that he was a loyal worker of Congress all his life. Congress has selectively killed loyal workers. People with sycophantic, dishonest and scoundrel tendencies have come into Congress. Congress has no longer become a party but has become a gang. Even when Gehlot lost in 1977, I was with him.

Gehlot’s son has become Dhritarashtra in love
The former MP further said that Gehlot has become Dhritarashtra due to his attachment to his son. Ashok Gehlot is a military captain. There is no honesty left in Gehlot. The tradition of collect, scrape, eat has started in Congress. I feel free after joining BJP. Here and there, Natthu-Khayre were eating raves during the Congress rule. Stayed in Congress for 55 years. Very sad, happy after joining BJP. Pannu said- There is no such thing as party in Congress. They have no need of workers. Delhi has become completely useless and ruined. The times to come will be such that we will ask if anyone is a Congressman?

These leaders also returned home
Former MLA JP Chandelia said that workers were being insulted in Congress. In the coming days, a large number of Congress workers will join BJP in Pilani. Rajendra Bhambhu, who rebelled against BJP and contested elections from Jhunjhunu assembly seat, Kailash Meghwal and Madhusudan Bhinda, who were independent candidates from Pilani, returned home.

Congress has become directionless
Rajasthan BJP co-in-charge Vijaya Rahatkar said that India is going to become a world leader under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India’s voice is being heard all over the world. After the joining of these leaders at the party headquarters, Joining Committee convenor Arun Chaturvedi said – Congress has become directionless. The Congress boat is now about to sink, hence no one wants to sit in the sinking boat.

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