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Big accident in Bharatpur, school bus hit by dumper, 2 dozen children injured

school bus hit by dumper

school bus hit by dumper

A dangerous accident has come to light from Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. Where a school bus full of children came under the grip of a dumper in Nadbai area on Wednesday morning. About two dozen children were injured in this accident. As per the information, the bus belonging to Sun Shine Senior Secondary School collided with a dumper while taking the children to school. After the accident, the injured children were taken to the CHC in a hurry. Apart from this, the driver of the bus is seriously injured in this accident.

Preparations are on to admit the seriously injured children to the district hospital. In this case, the police said that the dumper suddenly came in front of the bus while walking on the bridge in Nadbai area, due to which the accident happened. At the same time, the negligence of the driver is being told in the initial reasons for the accident.

Police is trying to find out the reason behind the accident by reaching the spot. At the same time, no statement has come out from the school administration regarding this matter so far. At present, the police is probing the matter. The relatives of the children have been informed about the accident.

Please tell that due to the severe cold in Rajasthan, orders were issued to extend the school holidays till January 18. Earlier, orders were issued to open the school on January 16. This order was applicable from class I to class VIII. The directorate had clarified that this rule would not apply to classes 10th and 12th.

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