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Punjab leaders protest against allotment of land to Haryana for assembly

Punjab leaders protest against allotment of land to haryana for assembly - news2news. In

Legislative Assembly

Legislative Assembly

Chandigarh. Even though the Speaker of the Vidhansabha Gyanchand Gupta is engaged in making positive efforts towards the creation of a separate Vidhansabha for . Vidhansabha Speaker has broken it in such a way that Punjab also does not suffer any loss, yet many political veterans of Punjab have protested against this by starting politics.

It is worth mentioning here that at present the space near the Haryana Vidhansabha is very less and many rooms are being used by Punjab even though it is part of Haryana. Regarding all these things, Haryana Vidhansabha Speaker Gyanchand Gupta has met the Punjab Vidhansabha Speaker many times and has put everything in front of him. According to the 60 and 40 agreement between Haryana and Punjab, they have also demanded their share.

But the matter of giving rooms to Haryana from the Punjab side has been put in cold storage. Now, after not getting room and space in the joint assembly, Haryana Vidhansabha Speaker Gyanchand Gupta has solved it. In this sequence, he met Chandigarh Administrator and Punjab Governor Dr. Banwarilal Purohit and told in detail about the problem facing Haryana. During the meeting, Gupta proposed to the Governor the exchange of land for building a separate assembly building for Haryana in Chandigarh and discussed it in detail.

Only Punjab has right over Chandigarh: AAP

Some leaders of Punjab have started politics even on the proposal of giving land in exchange for making Haryana a separate assembly. Aam Aadmi Party’s chief spokesperson Malvinder Kang has made a strange claim on the issue of giving land to Haryana in the Vidhansabha, who says that Haryana can form Vidhansabha in Panchkula and Karnal, he has discussed all the old issues of United Punjab and Haryana. Ignoring it, it also claimed that only Punjab has the right over Chandigarh. The question of giving land to Haryana in Chandigarh does not arise at all. There Amidst the rhetoric of AAP leaders, Shiromani Akali Dal leader and former minister Bikram Jit Singh Majithia appealed to Dr. Banwarilal Purohit to reject the proposal, saying that the proposal is against constitutional propriety.

Opposition of Punjab leaders wrong: Vij

On Tuesday, Home Minister Anil Vij said on the continuous rhetoric made by the BJP, AAP and Akali leaders on behalf of Punjab that Haryana can spend its own money to build an assembly for itself, it has nothing to do with the rhetoric of the leaders. . Anil Vij also said that the leaders of Punjab should not talk like this because Haryana is doing it according to the rules.

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