Punjab: Bus falls into canal in Muktsar Sahib, Punjab, 2 people killed, many washed away


Punjab: Bus falls into canal in Muktsar Sahib, Punjab, 2 people killed, many washed away

Bus fell into canal in Muktsar, Punjab.Bus fell into canal in Muktsar, Punjab.

Bus Fell Into Canal: A big news is coming out from Punjab. Here a private bus fell into the canal on Muktsar Kotkapura Road. There were about 15-20 passengers in this bus. There was a stir after the accident. So far two passengers have died and 4 people have been swept away. After the police got information about the bus accident, most of the people were rescued and admitted to the hospital for treatment.

What did the Deputy Commissioner say on the matter

Deputy Commissioner Ruhi Duggal said most of the passengers were rescued and taken to hospital soon after the accident, which happened at 1.30pm when it was raining. Duggal said that after initial investigation it appears to be the bus driver’s fault. Also, he further said that search is on for the four missing passengers.

Punjab Assembly Speaker had given instructions to carry out rescue work

Punjab Assembly Speaker Kultar Singh Sandhwan, who is an Aam Aadmi Party MLA from Kotkapura. He said officials have been directed to provide rescue and medical aid to the victims. After getting information about this accident, nearby villagers also started taking people out of the canal.

Deep Bus Service owner Hardeep Singh Dimpy Dhillon said that there were 15-20 passengers in the bus at the time of the accident. The driver and conductor have survived. According to Dhillon, when the driver applied brakes to avoid hitting the car moving ahead, the bus slipped and fell into the canal.

This accident happened before also

Even before this, an accident had happened in Muktsar, Punjab. A car had fallen into a canal in Muktsar. Four people, including a woman and two children, were killed in it. While giving information, the police had said that the incident happened when Palwinder Singh and his friends were returning from Attari village along with their family. Some passengers and laborers passing by took out the dead bodies.

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