Kisan Andolan: Rahul Gandhi’s guarantee of MSP to farmers, surrounded the government for not accepting the demands; Rakesh Tikait’s warning on stopping the march


Kisan Andolan: Rahul Gandhi’s guarantee of MSP to farmers, surrounded the government for not accepting the demands;  Rakesh Tikait’s warning on stopping the march

Farmers Protest Reaction: More than 200 farmer organizations from Haryana-Punjab and other states demanding implementation of Minimum Support Price (MSP) of crops and recommendations of MS Swaminathan Commission. Delhi Chalo March Have done. But on Tuesday he was stopped at the border in Haryana and Punjab. Farmers also clashed with security forces at Shambhu Border and Jind Border. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slammed the Modi government for not accepting the demands of the farmers. He guaranteed MSP to the farmers. On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh farmer leader Rakesh Tikait said that there is no longer any need to hold elections in the country. Farmers should not be stopped from going to Delhi.

Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Modi government
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in Ambikapur (Chhattisgarh) – “Today farmers are marching to Delhi, but they are being stopped.” Tear gas shells are being fired at them. After all, what do they want to say? Farmers are just asking for the fruits of their hard work. BJP government gave Bharat Ratna to MS Swaminathan, but does not want to implement what Swaminathan had said. His report clearly mentions that farmers should get legal rights regarding Minimum Support Price (MSP). The BJP government does not want to do this at all. When the NDA government was formed, they said that we will guarantee (law) MSP to the farmers of India. Swaminathan will fulfill what has been said in the report.

Rakesh Tikait angry at Modi government
Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) chief Rakesh Tikait said- "When the opposition of the country is weak then dictators are born in the country. All political parties are one. Both those in power and those in opposition. Let them save their government. When the king of the country is saying that we will win 400 seats, then where is the need for elections in the country? You renew this election. Why are you making the country crazy?" Earlier, he had warned the government against obstructing the farmers’ march. Farmers Union has called for a nationwide bandh on 16 February.

Farmers should withdraw their decision: Anil Vij
Haryana Home Minister Anil Biji said- “Farmers want to talk with the central government, even though central officials have come here for talks, talks have taken place twice and they are not denying it in future too.” Even after this the farmers are adamant on going to Delhi. Why do they want to go to Delhi? It seems that he has some intention behind this. We will not allow peace to be disturbed. Farmers should withdraw their decision.

‘Turned Haryana into Kashmir Valley’
General Secretary of Punjab Kisan Sangharsh Samiti, Shravan Singh Pandher said, “We made every possible effort to stop the conflict with the government. We were hoping to get some positive results from the government. We wanted to present our views before the entire country. We discussed with the Union Ministers for about five hours, but no consensus was reached on any issue. Police is harassing people in the villages of Haryana and Punjab. The government converted Haryana into Kashmir Valley. Water cannons have been sent to every village.

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