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Find out the pollution level of your city from Google Maps, this is the easy way

Very easy way to find Index from .

Very easy way to find Index from .

Check Air Quality on : Google Maps is generally used to know the direction of a location, but you would love to know that you can also check the air purity level using Google Maps. In today’s news, we are going to tell you a very easy process to check the pollution level.

These days pollution has increased a lot in Delhi-NCR and surrounding areas. It is not possible to detect the dangerous level of pollution by sight. In this case, you can take the help of Google Maps. Google Maps has a feature of air quality tracker, with the help of which the current air quality index of any place can be found. Google’s air quality tool helps you check air quality status on both Android and iOS devices. This feature will also serve to inform you about the level of air quality in your area. After checking the air quality, you can decide whether you should step out of the house or not.

How to check air quality with Google Maps

Step 1- First of all open Google Maps on your smartphone.

Step 2- After this, select the option of ‘My Type’ on the top-left corner of the phone screen.

Step 3- After clicking, the option of ‘Map Details’ will be shown in front of you.

Step 4- Under Map details, you select the option of ‘Air Quality’.

Step 5- With clicking on the option, you will see the details of the air quality of the area in real-time based on the data of the National Air Quality Index.

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