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Court declared Musewala murder mastermind Goldie Brar a fugitive, demanded Rs 1 crore as ransom

Along with Lawrence Vishnoi, Goldie Brar also had a big hand in killing . Goldie Brar lives in Canada. Now the District Court of Chandigarh has declared him a fugitive for the crime of demanding 1 crore ransom from the businessman.

As per information, the complainant had received a WhatsApp call on January 25 this year. Called Goldie Brar and demanded a ransom of 1 crore from the businessman. Threatened to kidnap her children for not getting the money. When the businessman refused to give this much money and asked to pay up to 5 lakhs, Goldie Brar reduced the ransom amount to 25 lakhs. When the complainant told about the financial crunch, Goldie said to give the money in two installments of 10 lakhs and 15 lakhs. The businessman informed the about this, after which the court convicted Goldie Brar.

Another gangster also demanded ransom

The complainant said that in February also a call was received from a person named Manjeet. Describing himself as a relative of gangster Sampat Nehra, Manjeet demanded a ransom. Fearing something untoward, the businessman had transferred Rs 3 lakh to the gangster’s account. Meeting the gangster at Panchkula, the said place, he gave Rs 4 lakh in cash. Although the complainant informed the about this, the registered a case and arrested Manjeet on 8 February. also recovered a pistol, 4 live cartridges, 1 SIM card and 2 mobile phones from the accused Manjeet. The hearing of this case will also be held on November 29.

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