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BSF jawan crossed the border and reached Pakistan, Pak Rangers arrested, tension increased

symbolic picture.

symbolic picture.

An Indian Army soldier posted at the India-Pakistan International Border in Punjab could not see the zero line due to fog. Due to this he entered the border of Pakistan. Pak Rangers arrested him as soon as he reached Pakistan. The Indian Army talked to the Pakistani Rangers and asked them to return the jawan, but they flatly refused. In such a situation, tension is created. Let us tell you that a similar incident happened seven days ago, even then the Pak Rangers had to exert a lot of pressure to return the Indian jawan.

What is the whole matter?

According to media reports, the incident took place on Wednesday morning. There was a lot of fog on the border due to the cold. Every morning Indian jawans conduct routine search in Abohar area in Ferozepur sector of BSF. On the previous day as well, as usual, jawans were conducting routine search in the Indian territory beyond the fencing in Abohar area. During this, a jawan could not see the zero line due to fog and entered Pakistan. Due to fog, the rest of the jawans could not even know that one of their companions was missing. After patrolling, when the attendance of the jawans was taken, one jawan was found less. Due to this there was a stir. When the jawan was not found anywhere, the Pak Rangers were contacted. Pak Rangers talked about the arrest of the Indian jawan. Indian Army officials asked Pak Rangers to return their jawan, but they did not agree. Till now efforts are on to get this jawan released.

This is the second incident in a week

The incident of jawans crossing the India-Pakistan international border in Punjab and reaching Pakistan is the second time in a week. Even then the Pak Rangers had hesitated to return the Indian soldier, but after several rounds of flag meetings, they finally agreed to return the Indian soldier. However, this time the Pak Rangers have categorically denied that he has been arrested for crossing the Pak border, so he will not be released. The response of the Indian Army in this regard is yet to be known.

This causes error

India has put up 12 feet high fencing on the international border so that infiltration cannot happen. This fencing has been installed from the border within the Indian border. Beyond fencing is also a part of India. Here farmers and laborers go across the fencing to work in the fields. They are given special cards by the Indian Army. A white line has been drawn between India and Pakistan, which shows the border. This is the second incident when an Indian soldier has crossed the border due to fog.

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