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Amritpal Singh: DIG’s big claim, Amritpal Singh’s connection with ISI, CCTV footage of stalking surfaced

Khalistani supporter Amritpal Singh.

Khalistani supporter Amritpal Singh.

Khalistani supporter Amritpal Singh has not been arrested yet. Punjab Police is conducting search operation across the state. All the borders of Punjab have been sealed. Taking concrete action, the Punjab Police has arrested 78 supporters of Amritpal, out of which 7 people were presented in the court today. Whereas, Amritpal Singh somehow managed to escape. Today many new revelations are being made about Amritpal. Meanwhile, a CCTV footage has also surfaced from Punjab.

It is seen in the CCTV footage that the Punjab Police is continuously following Amritpal. It is seen in the video that Amritpal’s vehicle is at the front, followed by the vehicle of Amritpal’s bodyguard. At the same time, the police is chasing his car. Amritpal was driving his Mercedes car at a speed of 140 kmph. The Punjab Police chased Amritpal for about 40 kms, but Amritpal managed to escape.

On the other hand, if sources in the Intelligence Department are to be believed, Amritpal Singh has a deep connection with Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. It is being told that Amritpal came in contact with ISI when he used to drive a truck in Dubai. ISI itself has asked him to motivate Sikh youth in the name of religion in India. For this Amritpal Singh is also funded by ISI.

pakistani number from phone

Please tell that Amritpal Singh’s advisor and financier Daljit Singh Kalsi has been arrested. Many Pakistani numbers have been found in the phones of people connected to Kalsi’s mobile. The numbers used to talk in Pakistan have been traced. It is being claimed that funding of about Rs 30 crore has come from these numbers. At the same time, all internet services have been stopped in Punjab till 12 noon tomorrow regarding this matter.

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