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Yasir was trying to terrorize Bhopal, big revelations are happening

Bhopal. Hizb ur Tahrir was preparing for a big terrorist attack in Madhya Pradesh. Yasir was planning to blast in Bhopal. Not only this, he told the ATS that he wanted to sacrifice himself by throwing the bomb. He has described himself as a suicide bomber. After this disclosure, ATS is also surprised that HUT’s plans were terrorists.

STS sources said 16 suspects have been arrested. 2 of them are not educated. The wife of 8 out of 14 suspects used to deliver the message, who works as a messenger for HUT. ATS has also received information that the fitness and weapon training of terrorists in Seven Town area of ​​Hyderabad was funded from Dubai. No banking transaction was used for this, rather money was sent with the help of hawala traders. Due to which the accused used to travel in the first AC of the train. Along with laptops and mobile phones, electronic gadgets were also bought, as most of the people were not financially strong. Officials say that the app through which the Dubai businessman was contacted. Experts are extracting his information.

ATS sources told that poha and tea are being given in the morning, then samosa kachori at 12 noon and dal, roti and rice are being given in the afternoon and the doctors are also checking sugar and BP twice.

Teased on saying Jain sir

It was 2 days back. During interrogation, ATS officials told how Jain Sahab left his religion and became Salim. Sauram got irritated on this matter. He said that they have no right to call him Jain sahib, his name is Salim. Officials said that after converting, his mindset has become like a radical ideology. He replied in Urdu. The officials recorded his vehicle and later obtained information through experts. It has also been learned that Salim alias Souram is a

ATS officials said that the suspects arrested from Hyderabad have been interrogated. He has confessed that he got training in arms handling and fitness at 7 Town Road area in Hyderabad. In the same manner, training was given in many areas of Bhopal as well. Madhya Pradesh ATS will go to Hyderabad to investigate what area it was. Where the training was going on. NIA has also been informed about this.

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