World Wetland Day: More than 200 environmental experts gathered at Sirpur Pond in Indore, CM Mohan Yadav inaugurated the program


World wetland day: more than 200 environmental experts gathered at sirpur pond in indore, cm mohan yadav inaugurated the program - news2news. In

World Wetland Day in Ramsar site Indore: The international conference of World Wetland Day has been organized on Friday, 2 February at Sirpur Talab, Indore. Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav and Union Minister of State Ashwini Choubey inaugurated the program. Dr. Musaunda Mumba of the Secretariat was also present.

Ministers visited the exhibition
Urban Administration Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya, Forest Minister Nagar Singh Chauhan, Water Resources Minister Tulsiram Silavat, Minister of State Dilip Ahirwar, Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava, MP Shankar Lalwani, MLA Malini Gaur and other public representatives took a car ride with environmental experts and visited the Sirpur site. Enjoyed the pure climate and beautiful view. Also visited the exhibition organized by the department.
Indore ramsar site cm mohan yadav inaugurated
Indore Ramsar site CM Mohan Yadav inaugurated

Knowledge Park and Butter Fly Park built with Rs 30 lakh each

Before World Wetland Day, many development works have been done in Sirpur Pond. A kutcha pathway has been built from Hanuman Chowk to Butter Fly Park and from Gwala Colony to Hanuman Chowk at a cost of Rs 70 lakh. Knowledge Park has also been built here with a cost of Rs 30 lakh. Planted pollinator plants in the quarry on the side of the pathway. Apart from this, hide outs and scoops for bird watching, water hyacinth have been removed and a butterfly park has been constructed with Rs 30 lakhs. 20 lakhs have been spent in its branding.


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