Video viral: Laxman said a surprising thing about elder brother Digvijay, why did he ask to send the video to Rahul Gandhi?


Video viral: laxman said a surprising thing about elder brother digvijay, why did he ask to send the video to rahul gandhi? - news2news. In

Bhopal. Laxman Singh, younger brother of former Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh and former MLA, has attacked the Congress. A video of Laxman Singh is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the video, Laxman is saying why Digvijay Singh was named Mr. Bantadhar. 20 years ago the BJP people had named it Bantadhar and this name is still in use today. BJP people take names on a divided basis and they get votes. Why is this happening? This is happening because these brokers are not going to leave them? You and all of us will do the work of appointing these brokers. Decide whether to listen to the brokers or the workers.

Laxman Singh further said that Rahul Gandhi is about to come. The march will take place. We will all go. Please send this video to Congress and Rahul Gandhi. And definitely make it viral. Make every word of what has been said viral. They should decide that the Congress party will run with the workers. It will be run by power brokers.

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