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Van Vihar manager wakes up in tiger molestation case: day-long investigation, pasted posters of mischievous youths at the gate

Bhopal. Van Vihar management swung into action after film actress Raveena Tandon expressed displeasure by releasing a video of some youths throwing stones at a tiger in Van Vihar National Park and prominently published the news in News2News.in newspaper. On Tuesday, the senior officers held a meeting in this regard and investigated at various points. So on the basis of the CCTV cameras installed on both sides of the gate, an attempt was made to identify the suspected youths. Along with this, the record of entry time of the youth and entry in the registrar etc. has been scrutinized. So that we can get information about the youth. So the same video is being examined by IT experts. Along with this, Van Vihar registered the case and handed over the investigation to the . Apart from this, the management also pasted the posters of the suspected youths seen in the video on the gate of Van Vihar. According to Van Vihar sources, the video is of 01 pm on Monday. Although the Van Vihar management has not confirmed this. It is noteworthy that while tweeting the video of the incident from her Twitter account, Raveena has written that ‘tourists (miscreants) pelt stones at tigers’. It’s a good laugh to be told not to do it. Laugh, shake the cage – throw stones. No protection for the tiger. Wildlife activist Ajay Dubey has demanded a fair inquiry into the death of Sihar and the stoning of the tiger that happened in the past. In the matter, Van Vihar’s Assistant Director SK Sinha says that the matter is being investigated at the manager and level. Further action will be taken on the basis of this only.

The accused are far from being caught in the jackal casethat

Wildlife activist Ajay Dubey says that due to the negligence of the management in Van Vihar National Park Zoo located in the capital Bhopal, the violation of Wildlife Act and Zoo Rules is happening openly. Film actress Raveena Tandon made a video of tourists pelting stones at Tiger in this park and shared it on social media. Which is a proof of sad and bad situation. So on the other hand, in the month of June, a tiger had escaped from the Shaurya enclosure in Van Vihar, which was caught later. Before this, a jackal was carelessly crushed by a VIP’s car on the road. In none of the above cases the management has taken strict action against the culprits.

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