Two cases of painful murder in Madhya Pradesh: Husband watched his wife die in agony in Bhind, strangulated her to death in Gwalior.


Two cases of painful murder in madhya pradesh: husband watched his wife die in agony in bhind, strangulated her to death in gwalior. - news2news. In

Madhya Pradesh Crime News: In Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, the husband painfully killed his wife by shooting her. The husband kept watching his wife dying in agony on the ground. After the death, to hide the crime, the person cleaned the room and secretly cremated the body 100 meters away from the house. Two days later, when the woman’s father came to know about it, he took the help of the police. When the police interrogated the deceased’s husband on the basis of the message, the matter came to light. The incident took place in Gohad of Bhind. The police arrested the accused on Wednesday. Ash samples have been taken from the place where the woman was cremated.

There was a dispute over asking for jewellery.
According to the information, Hariram son of Asharam Banjara, resident of Majra Banjara of Piprauli, Gohad, asked for jewelery from his wife Rekha Banjara (30) for mortgage. When the woman refused, the husband beat her. After this the husband left the house. After some time he came back. The wife was lying on the bed. The husband shot his wife with a machete. The woman started bleeding after being shot. The wife kept dying in agony and the husband kept watching her. After the death of the wife, the husband silently cremated the woman in the field with the help of family members.

Revealed in police interrogation
Police said that the people of the neighborhood had also heard the sound of firing. A woman from the neighbor told the deceased’s father Bhup Singh Banjara that her daughter had been killed. After this the woman’s father informed the police. When the police reached the spot, the woman’s last rites had already been performed. The ashes of the dead body were lying near the field. During interrogation, the accused husband initially misled the police, but when the police found some clues and showed them to him, he confessed to killing his wife by shooting her. The accused is on police remand for two days.

Wife strangled to death in Gwalior
Here in Gwalior, when the wife started becoming an obstacle in the love relationship, the husband strangulated her to death. After the murder of his wife, the husband reached the police station and informed the police that his wife had died of a heart attack. When the police conducted post-mortem of the dead body, it was revealed that she had committed murder by strangulation. As soon as the murder was discovered, the police registered a case and arrested the accused husband. Ramnij Singh Jadaun, resident of Mehgaon, has murdered his wife Supriya.

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